Jeopardy! recap for Wed., Oct. 28

Let’s meet today’s contestants:

  • Jen, a third-grade teacher, celebrates “Socktober”;
  • Scott, a digital marketing executive, is an amateur improv performer; and
  • Brian, an educator, has been mistaken for Bryan Adams in print. Brian is a three-day champ with winnings of $44,901.

In DJ, Scott didn’t ring in first until the 15th clue, but then he soon found DD2 to take a clear lead and held it into FJ at $17,800 vs. $12,000 for Brian. Jen never got an opportunity to respond in DJ and wound up in the red at -$400.

DD1, $800 – AROUND THE USA – Major cities that share this name lie on the Kennebec River in Maine & on the Savannah River in Georgia (On the second clue, Brian lost the table limit of $1,000.)

DD2, $1,600 – BANDS OF THE 21ST CENTURY – Jack White has had some conflict with Dan Auerbach of this band whose name oddly mirrors The White Stripes’ (Scott was tied with Brian at $8,000 and won $5,000.)

DD3 – Not seen

FJ – AWARDS & HONOREES – He used his 1983 Pritzker Prize money on a scholarship fund for Chinese students to study their profession in the United States

​​Both players were correct on FJ. Scott added $6,300 to win with $24,100.

Wagering strategy: Note that Brian didn’t make the best percentage play on FJ by wagering $8,000, which required him to be correct to have a chance to win. In fact, Brian’s victory in the previous game was thanks to an opponent making a too-large bet in a similar situation.

Hodgepodge hangups: In the first round, the venerable category proved unusually challenging, with the players missing four of five clues, including about a fish you shouldn’t “struggle clumsily” to name (flounder), video game LoL (League of Legends) and the cabinet department started in 1965 that follows “Fair” in a 1968 act (Housing).

This day in Trebekistan: Alex engaged in some shameless shilling when he introduced a first round category by saying “a lot of books published this year…including mine!”

​Correct Qs: DD1 – What is Augusta? DD2 – Who are The Black Keys? FJ – Who was I. M. Pei?