30 Days Of Horror Challenge Day 13: Most Disturbing Horror Film

Sometimes a film will just click in a way that will leave you feeling not just chilled by what you saw, but truly disturbed. There are a few that really stick with me over the years, notably my talk of Xtro in past parts of a couple of challenges, because that imprinted on me at a young age and the kind of visuals with it done via practical effects for the bulk of it really stands the test of time in its own strange way.

But the film that disturbs me in a deeper way, getting under my skin and mentally doing some damage, that’s Suspiria. While avoiding the whole which version thing is better, the modern version of it is something that just drew me in with so many aspects of what it was doing and how it was presented, ratcheting up the tension while not giving a lot away for awhile, that each little tease or hint of the darkness within just made me react strongly. And then as it goes all in, well, it gives Hereditary a run for its money in my rankings for what disturbs the hell out of me.

Bonus question: Which film looked like it had the best shot of being disturbing but ended up falling very, very, short?