WW133 – Love Island: Avocado (Day 6)

Lutair: Tonight, on Love Island…

The Islanders were shaken from the dramatic public breakup of Aro Wasp and August Lindt. They cheered when El Vira and Cat Benetar were announced to leave for The Hideaway, then learned that they had to decide whether to Stick with or Switch from their partners. The Islanders went to bed a bit early, feeling some emotional whiplash.

That night, a few Islanders stirred. Zoidberg awoke next to his new love. He scuttled quietly to the powder room “Woop woop woop wopp,” he whispered. As he reached the powder room door, he heard something behind him. On instinct, Zoidberg released ink and began scuttling wildly. Unfortunately for him, this combination of activities proved near-deadly and he flipped onto his back and cracked his shell. The ambulance was already waiting outside The Villa.

Dr. Zoidberg/Mr.ImMyOwnGrampa has left The Villa (in an ambulance). They were a Regular Islander.

Uncle Klunk woke up to the crack of Zoidberg’s shell. He was immediately torn. He had made a pact with his do-bits pals, but he had also made a promise to stay loyal with Zoidberg. He quietly packed his things and left The Villa to go to the hospital. Coincidentally, the night he visited the hospital, there were 5 different cardiac arrests in the waiting room.

Uncle Klunk/Dictabird has left The Villa. They were a Member of the Do-Bits Society (Vanilla Wolf).

Pickle dw lay in his bed and considered what brought him there. He was chosen by the producers for his charm and memeability. He had broken off one relationship, then lost another love. He stayed on even after that because the producers told him to. He found new love during the Casa Amor event, but now he was having doubts about it. He decided to finally do something without talking to the producers, packed his bags and left.

Pickle dw/dw has left The Villa. They were the Scouted Islander (One-Shot Bulletproof).

The next morning, the couples awoke to the announcement of which couples were true to each other. Jam walked into the bedroom and let everyone know

“Colonel Mustard, Sherriff of Love, Lucifer Morningstar, spooky Goat, Prince Yuuma. All of you voted to… Stick,” she said, and a sigh of relief emanated from the Islanders.

“Side Character… huh, that’s your name, eh?… Side Character, your partner has left, but you chose to Switch,” Jam said. Side wiped away a single tear.

Today, you will also be voting for who you think isn’t here for the right reasons. Please submit your day kill selection to the Vote Thread. Whoever you vote for will leave the island alone. Their partner will remain as a singleton.

Night kills tonight will target individual islanders–you will not leave if your partner is targeted. Singletons in the morning will be automatically placed in a couple together. 

Current Couples:

hoho Mustard
snugs SpookyGoat
Hicks raven
Josephus Dicentra

Current Singles:

  1. Side

  1. snugs
  2. Corporal Hicks
  3. Josephus
  4. hoho
  5. Side
  6. Dicentra
  7. raven
  8. Mustard
  9. spooky Replaced by Goat: SpookyGoat

The Public/Graveyard:

  1. Nate
  2. Dramus
  3. MSD
  4. Lylith
  5. Tiff
  6. Goat (Regular Islander)
  7. jake (Regular Islander)
  8. The Hayes Code (Regular Islander)
  9. Wasp (Regular Islander)
  10. Captain Video (Firecracker)
  11. Ralph (Regular Islander)
  12. Grumproro (Regular Islander)
  13. sic (Regular Islander)
  14. Owen (Regular Islander)
  15. emmelemm (Regular Islander)
  16. Warrior (Regular Islander)
  17. Indy (Vanilla Wolf)
  18. Narrowstrife (Vanilla Wolf)
  19. Lamb  (Clout-Chaser)
  20. Cop  (Regular Islander)
  21. BeelzeWasp (Backup Firecracker)
  22. Gramps (Regular Islander)
  23. Dictabirt (Vanilla Wolf)
  24. dw  (One-shot Bulletproof)

Roles, Descriptions, & Win Conditions

Town Islanders:

  • 20 6 Regular Islanders (Vanilla Town)
  • 1 Firecracker (One-Shot Daytime Vigilante+)
  • 1 Scouted Islander (One-Shot Bulletproof)
  • 1 Serial Monogamist (Town Alignment Investigator)
  • 1 Smarty Pants (Town Backup –> Backup Firecracker)

Scum Islanders:

  • 3 4 1 Do-Bits Society Members (Vanilla Wolves)
  • 2 1 Clout-Chasers (Serial Killers)

Team Wolf has a one-shot recruitment this game.
While both serial killers are in The Villa, they will take turns each night killing.

Win Conditions

The Final Vote triggers when either (a) only three couples are left standing or (b) all scum have flipped (whichever happens first). All players in the Villa will vote to determine the final couple. Final couple conditions:

  • Town/Town: Town Victory
  • Wolf/Wolf: Wolf Victory
  • SK/SK: Shared SK Victory
  • Scum/Vanilla Town: Scum victory
  • Scum/Still Bulletproof Town: Town Victory
  • ???/Firecracker: see Firecracker role description
  • SK/Wolf: The Public will vote to decide the victory.

About the Smarty Pants (Town Backup)

If roled town is killed or recruited by wolves before Night 3, the town backup will inherit that role.

About the Scouted Islander (One-Shot Bulletproof)

As long as this player is bulletproof:

  • If this player is targeted for a night kill, the killer(s) will be notified that their shot was blocked.
  • If this player’s partner is targeted for a night kill, they will not die.
  • If the Firecracker attempts to break up with this player during the day thread, only the Firecracker will walk off.
  • If this player is still bulletproof and part of the final couple, they may block a scum victory.

Once this player is no longer bulletproof, they will function the same as Vanilla Town.

About the Firecracker (Vigilante+)

This is a modified Vigilante role. This player has the ability to publicly break up with their partner during the Day cycle on the main game thread. They must do this as their RP character in the main game thread. Tag both Jam (@jammoritarty:disqus) and Lutair (@lutair:disqus). Once they publicly break up with their partner, an Early Twilight is triggered and this takes the place of a day kill. Both partners in the couple are then day killed (unless Vig’s partner was bulletproof).

The Firecracker is part of the final couple and choose to use their power, they will break up with their partner. If their partner is scum, this results in a town victory. If their partner is town, then no one wins. They are not required to use their power as part of the final couple.

About the Serial Monogamist (Investigator)

The investigator will be notified in their private QT if their partner throws a red flag. This notification only happens once, taking place at the time the Couple QT is created at Twilight.

  • Red Flags: Firecracker (One-Shot Daytime Vigilante+), Do-Bits Society (Wolves), and active Clout-Chasers (SK)
  • No Red Flags: Regular Islanders (Vanilla Town), the Scouted Islander (One-Shot Bulletproof Town), and inactive Clout-Chasers (SK)

About the Clout-Chasers (Serial Killers)

The two serial killers are independent, but will take turns killing each night as long as both are in The Villa. SK1 will be active on odd-numbered nights and SK2 will be active on even-numbered nights. If only one SK is in The Villa, they will become active every night. An active SK must kill on their active nights. A dead SK will be revealed simply as a “Clout-Chaser”. Their identity as SK1/SK2 will not be specified. SKs cannot kill each other directly, but may kill each other indirectly through targeting their partner. If one SK targets the other, they will be notified that their action was “blocked”.

About the Wolves (Members of the Do-Bits Society)

All wolves are individually vanilla, but the faction has a collective one-shot recruitment ability. Recruitment proceeds before town roles and can therefore be used to block a role power. Recruited roled townies and SK will lose their powers. If the Town Backup is in play, they will inherit lost town powers. Successful recruitment will be indicated in the next day’s header by a change in the wolf count. Unsuccessful recruitment will not be indicated. The recruit is added to the wolf chat at the start of the next day.

Couple Mechanics

The Rules of Being in a Couple

  • Whenever a new couple is formed, a new private QT is created for them at Twilight.
  • Couple QTs  are active as long as couples stay together. Couples may quote directly from their couple QTs.
  • If a couple breaks up, their QT is defunct. Any posting activity in a defunct couple QT will result in a mod kill.
  • Night kills are specified by targeting one player.
  • By default, if one partner dies then the other partner will die too. Any deviation from this format will be explicitly stated in the header or Twilight writeup.

The Rules of Coupling Up:

  • If you would like to couple up with someone specific, you both must submit each other’s names into the Couple Thread.
  • If you would like to enter the RNG couple pool, please submit “RNG Pool” into the Couple Thread.
  • Anyone who has not indicated a selection before Twilight will be automatically entered into the RNG Pool.
  • Once you have submitted your selection, you cannot change it.
  • The Confirmed Couples List will be updated as couples are submitted.
  • Couple QTs will be sent out after Twilight.

General Rules

  • RP is optional, but appreciated!
  • Please try to make at least 2 posts a day. If you’re in a situation where you can’t reach that requirement, please notify me in your QT!
  • Do NOT Screenshot or quote directly from your personal QT. This will result in an instant mod kill.
  • Do NOT screenshot your couple QT. However, you may directly quote from your couple QT.
  • Do NOT edit or delete any posts without mod permission both in the game thread and in your QTs.
    • Any accidental leak of your IRL name or email will be automatically deleted by mods to protect your privacy. The contents of those posts will be copied and reposted by the mod and you will be indicated as the author by your screen name.
  • Do NOT belittle other players for their choices or reasoning. Attack arguments, not people. This is especially critical in this game.
  • Emotional appeals are discouraged as arguments since we don’t want to guilt people for their votes.
  • This is the only thing I will say regarding eavesdropping: “All activities on Love Island are filmed, but only clips with names redacted from the previous day/night may be aired.”


If you can’t reach us via QT, our tags are @JamMoritarty:disqus and @lutair:disqus. If you’ve lost your QT link, let us know. 🙂

Right now, there are 9 Islanders in The Villa. An early Twilight is triggered at 5 votes. 

Twilight is at 6 PM Pacific on Tuesday, October 13th. Countdown Timer