Walken: The Results

And so we come to the end, and we crown a winner for the Favorite Christopher Walken Media. We had some close races all through the game, but my profile got erased on my work computer, and I can’t tell you what they were. But they were close, believe me.

In 4th place, with 15 votes, was the #1 seed of the tournament until the Final Four…

Pulp Fiction

In 3rd place, becoming the 2nd most successful non-movie, with 26 votes, was:

More Cowbell“, from Saturday Night Live

The Runner up, which really was making a comeback the past few days, with 21 votes, is one of the Best Stephen King Movies, and well worth checking out this season:

The Dead Zone

Which means, for the first time EVER in all of our Movie Star Tournaments, we have a non Movie winning the game.

Weapon of Choice” by Fatboy Slim

Weapon of Choice” was the steady #1 or #2 vote getter every single round. Honestly, before this, I had forgotten the song, but I certainly remembered the video. I just didn’t expect you all to love it so much. A surprise!

I’m flying to Connecticut to see Cousins and the Fall Foliage next weekend, so either we’ll take a small break, someone else comes up with one, or I’ll pick someone else, and let the nominations pile up.