30 Days Of Horror Challenge Day 10: Your Favorite Found Footage Film

The found footage genre of horror film really got itself underway with the Blair Witch Project and we’ve had a whole lot of them since. You can find a ton of them on streaming services and we still get a good number that show up theatrically as well. We’re going with a triple-style question today regarding this subgenre where we want to know if you’re a fan of the found footage genre, what your favorite film is, and which one drove you nuts with how awful it was yet you still watched it.

I’m not a fan of it but I get subjected to them by a bunch of them as my daughter is a junkie for bad film and these make up a lot of what’s available on Amazon Video. The one that I really watched through and through, however, was the Apollo 18 film as it at least had a little more of a hook to it with it being a science fiction one and an interesting location by taking place in the module and events from there.