Walken: Round of 32

One of you wrote that “Weapon of Choice” from Fat Boy Slim, would run away with this. And it almost started that way. 31 votes went to this dance tune, just 3 shy of the lead, the also possibly unstoppable Pulp Fiction.

We had 53 entries that received at least one vote, and 17 of those received double digit numbers. The top half of these should (?) be blowouts, but the lower tier could be nail biters to the end (I hope.) Where else would Woody Allen go up against Wayne and Garth? And Man on Fire was a #5 seed for Denzel. But here it’s a #21 seed, up against a 1950’s nuclear family.

Weapon of Choice” also has the distinction of tying “Fargo Season 2” for the highest non-film seed of all of our tournaments, but it is the highest Music Video ever. Madonna’s “Bad Girl” only got one vote, and didn’t make it in. I’ll deal with “you people” on that issue later. *Insert Raised Eyebrow Here* She does have At Close Range as a consolation prize. And besides, the real Best song here is Duran Duran’s A View to a Kill ! Yes, I am a teenager of the 80’s. Like, totally!

2 of our other candidates are also a new Media to the tournaments. Sketch Episodes! “More Cowbell!” and “Ed Glosser: Trivial Psychic” both made it into the tournament. Saturday Night Live endures.

Let’s start parsing the haves with the have nots, shall we? Only YOU can decide the Favorite Walken Entertainment Media Choice!