Avocado Weekly Movie Thread (9/22)

Welcome to the Weekly Movie Thread, where we discuss the wonderful world of motion pictures. Come here to discuss new movies in theaters, old classics, or any thoughts you’ve had about the world of film!

This week we don’t take advice from fools as we celebrate the 25th anniversary of Empire Records!

The film follows Liv Tyler, Renee Zewelleger, Robin Tunney, and friends and they navigate several troubles: a psychological meltdown, one of the employees gambling away all the store’s money, GWAR coming to life, some art genius gluing coins to the floor, and most important of all: Rex Manning Day.

The film also happens over a span of 24 hours, which makes it a really crammed day for all the employees of Empire Records. Good thing they love their store so much that they’ll work after hours to keep it alive. Good luck versus the big box retailers like Best Buy and Media Play coming to your block in about a year or so!

Today’s bonus prompt: what’s your favorite film that takes place over the span of a day?

If you need any hints, IMDB has a decent but hardly comprehensive list.

Next week: movie posters

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