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Supercomputers Week: SAL 9000 (September 15 Night Thread)

“Will I dream?”

2001: A Space Odyssey is over fifty years old and is still the unavoidable standard for so much of science-fiction visual design that it is still being heavily referenced in every medium today.

There are overwhelmingly good reasons for that, of course. The design of HAL’s computer interface as well as it’s “Brain Room” are iconic for their clean simplicity. How can you possibly give personality to a box, though? By giving it a voice. In HAL’s case that was originally Martin Balsam who Kubrick decided was “a little bit too colloquially American” and picked Douglas Rain instead.

Voiced by Candice Bergen, SAL was a “twin” computer which briefly appeared in 2010: The Year We Make Contact, with a comforting blue light in place of HAL’s red.

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