30 Day Book Challenge Day 3: The Book You Couldn’t Finish For The Life Of You

Growing up in the 70s and coming of age in the 80s, I was big into Dungeons & Dragons. I almost purchased that game when it was just in its ziploc baggie form but ended up with the original purple box set. My friends and I spent countless hours playing that game, watching fantasy movies that were available, and going heavily into all the Dragonlance books and whatever else started coming out as part of the novels related to the game and others being produced as time went on.

My father, who grew up in the 40s and amassed a solid collection of science fiction and fantasy over the course of his life, was a really good source for discovering “new-old” things. A book series involving dragonriders was exactly what was calling out to me as I could see ways in my young life to adapt that into the gaming sessions like we did with other books. But no matter how many times I tried, I could never make it more than a quarter or so into the first book at the time with Dragonflight. In fact, I struggled hard with Anne McCaffrey’s writing style in general. I was a voracious reader as a kid and dug into a slew of things from a lot of different authors, so it wasn’t a woman’s voice kind of thing, but the style just never clicked for me and I always felt bad as my father had almost everything at one time or another but it was a series that we couldn’t share an interest for.

And hell, I read and enjoyed all ten volumes of Mission Earth!

What book have you tried to read, through recommendation or just self-discovery, that you just couldn’t get through?

Bonus question: What book did you recommend to a friend that they could never finish, which made you disappointed?