The Wednesday Politics Thread Is Alive In The SUPERՈИKИOMИ

Twenty-six years ago today, I saw Soundgarden live for the first and only time. I miss Chris Cornell, the best rock singer I have ever heard. So, it’s only fitting that I have one of my all-time favorite songs, the title track of one of my all-time favorite albums, to help me encapsulate some contradictions and frustrations occurring for, and in, a lot of us.

If this isn’t what you see, it doesn’t make you blind…

Mitch McConnell unveils stimulus plan panned by Democrats, Republicans

Josh “I had to tattle on a sportswriter who cursed at me” Hawley is quoted in the above article saying to The Turtle: “You’ve got the worst job.”

Nuh-uh, baby, it’s the American people that have had the worst job, putting up with Turtle McConnell’s obstructionist bullshit for what feels like millennia.

If you don’t want to be seen, well you don’t have to hide…

Trump to skip first pitch at Yankee game - New York Daily News
How to look like an asshole in one easy step.

The entirety of Mango Unchained’s regime has felt like a real-life Onion article and this episode is no different. Every time someone else gets the spotlight, no matter how trivial, he fills his diaper beyond capacity until we look at his pathetic ass.

“If this doesn’t make you smile, yeah, you don’t have to cry…”

John Lewis funeral: Final journey across Edmund Pettus Bridge

John Lewis crossed the Edmund Pettus Bridge one last time, but he, forever full of hope, would want us to keep trying to cross this bridge until the dream is achieved. Let us not ever fail him. Good trouble.

Get yourself afraid, get yourself alone, get yourself contained, get your self-control…”

Wall of Moms Beaten, Tear-Gassed in Portland Protests - Rolling Stone

The Mamas and The Papas are out here. Where are you?!

Trump seeks to distract by causing havoc in democratically-run cities all the while his grift, the racist immigration policies, and the lethal dereliction of duty regarding COVID-19 continues with impunity. Mark my words: when he is voted out of office (and he will be), all this Stupid-Evil™ he has wrought will be accelerated to the nth degree before January 20, 2021. The Trump-train goes supernova.

“Alive in the Superunknown, first it steals your mind and then it steals your…soul!”

What Was That Glowing Orb Trump Touched in Saudi Arabia? - The New ...
[Donnie making a wish] “I wish for a million Trumpanzees at my rally!” Maybe next time Donnie.

I still don’t have the words for whatever the hell this was.

If this isn’t making sense, it doesn’t make it lies…”

Just. Fucking. Vote. - Stop The Campaign | A curated poster ...

No one sings like you anymore, Chris.

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