The Handsome Family Night Thread (June 27)

You are probably familiar with Brett and Rennie Sparks even if you don’t think you are. They are The Handsome Family, and their haunting song “Far From Any Road” was the opening credits music for the first season of True Detective. Brett rubbed his hands with glee when he first heard it on HBO, as it would surely introduce a whole slew of new fans to their slice of weird American folk.

Brett sings and Rennie pens the lyrics; tales full of empty bottles of gin, bank robberies gone wrong, drowned ghosts, bottomless holes, and missing persons reports. Every album of theirs is great, and I demand you go listen to at least one of them right now. “Far From Any Road” resides on Singing Bones, an excellent introduction to their style. Or, check out one of their no-budget music videos on their YouTube channel:

Have a wistful night, everyone, and be safe and well.