30 Day Disney Challenge Day 18: Your Favorite Collectible

Today, we’re going to talk about merchandise a little. And we hope you’re able to share pictures on this one, even just retail if that’s all there is for it.

Disney is huge in terms of collectibles and the things they offer, from unique items are stores and parks to other limited event runs alongside the copious amount of general merchandise

But what we want to know today is your favorite piece that you have, the whole “I’d go back into the fire to get it” kind of item.

And you can break it out as well with Disney-proper, Star Wars, Marvel, and Pixar if you want to showcase a few different things and not feel constrained.

For me, I’m going to go with big on the childhood nostalgia that I still have with the classic Winnie the Pooh cookie jar. This thing just makes me feel the best when I see it and it holds decades of memories.