30 Day Disney Challenge Day 13: Your Favorite Pixar Movie

Picking a favorite movie can be tough for some people, especially those of us that deal with lists, qualifiers, and marking the difference between a movie and a film. But more often than not, if you ask someone what their favorite movie is, their first instinct is usually the correct one. With Pixar, I actually had to go and look at a list of their films because I’d fallen out of their works for the last couple of years with a few different disappointments.

I’ve talked before about how the first ten minutes of Up is some of the best filmmaking I’ve enjoyed and there are beautiful moments in most of their films to varying degrees. The branching out of tales as time has gone on made me a huge fan of Coco, for example.

But as I moved up and down the list, I kept going back to the one that really made me a fan of the company and the potential they had as a studio. And that was the 1998 film A Bug’s Life. Something about this project just clicked with every aspect of it, where every part felt important to the story, that I was in love. And then I get outtakes at the end? That was when I fell in love with Pixar.