30 Day Disney Challenge Day 10: Your Favorite Song

It may sound a little weird when you get down to it, but there are only a few song related pieces to this challenge. We had one a few days ago with your favorite princess song and now we delve into your favorite song overall. The two are not always one and the same but for me, that is true.

While Beauty and the Beast will eat up a lot of slots on this challenge for me, and this one is a toughie because of my love of much of that soundtrack, the one that really gets me is the Japanese version of “Let it Go” from Frozen. It just clicks so perfectly for me. We had all heard the English song so much when this film came out that it was just everywhere with every little kid singing it. I can’t say I burned out on it because it is one that you can just sing the chorus to and feel good about. But when I found this version, it just took it to a new magical place for me.

If you can, share a video of it below to help us all get into a musical mood today and to revisit songs we may not have heard before!