Shoeless Trivia: Theater

The play’s the thing.

  1. What Tony winning musical that premiered on Broadway in 1992 (and had a 2016 revival) ends with a bar mitzvah in a hospital room?
  2. What American playwright’s works include a veritable zoo of odd interactions between animals and humans, including the death of an imaginary child due to a porcupine and the passionate love of a 50-year-old architect for a goat?
  3. Understudies are usually ensemble performers who are prepared to fill a larger role if that actor in unavailable. What is the term for the a performer who fills the ensemble member’s slot if they are called up as an understudy?
  4. Chi-Raq, a 2015 film about a war between two Chicago gangs (the Spartans and the Trojans) and the sexual strike the women of the community stage to end it, is based on what earlier work from 411 BCE?
  5. The (redacted) Playbill cover seen below is for a much celebrated 2017 musical that is set in what country?strivia186_1

  1. Falsettos
  2. Edward Albee
  3. swing
  4. Lysistrata
  5. Israel