America’s Dad: The FINAL

And here we are. The final two Favorite Tom Hanks movies. Two Great Movies. One got Mr. Hanks his first Oscar nomination. One surprised everyone when he DIDN’T get a nomination. (My best friend was currently working on That Thing You Do! when the Oscar nominations came out, and he told me that Tom said he was a bit relieved not going 3 for 3, and the pressure that would have occurred.) /Gossip

And now back to the tournament.

Big never had any real competition through the tournament. It beat up The Man with One Red Shoe, Joe vs. The Volcano, and Cast Away. In the Final Four, it finished off the final original Toy Story 33 – 26

Apollo 13 had just as easy competition, soaring past Volunteers, The ‘Burbs, and A League of Their Own, until it met Saving Private Ryan. I kept checking over the weekend, and this was tight tight tight! In the end, Apollo 13 squeaked out a win 29 – 26.

But which one will follow The Avocado’s choice for favorite Schwarzenegger movie, Terminator 2, as the Favorite Tom Hanks movie???

Only YOU can decide.

(I found the teaser trailer for Apollo 13, but the Big trailer does have some SPOILERS. BEWARE if you have not seen Big. It’s wonderful.)