The Avocado’s Favorite Spider-Man – ROUND 4!

“AVOCADO! You CAN’T escape MEEEEEEE! I’ll chase you to the ENDS OF THE EAAAAARTH!” – Christopher Daniel Barnes

Welp, June is upon us, bringing us closer to halfway through the year. Yet we’re already half-way past the midpoint of the tournament! Reason that out for yourself, why don’tcha?

However, not all is well in the Spider-Verse. The losses last round particularly sting as even the pig that received the highest number of upvotes will not be moving on.

This time, he is legally allowed to say that.

So we are down to our final six. Four Spiders from the Spider-Verse up against the Sean Connery and Roger Moore of the live-action counterparts. However, only one can prove to be the most Sensational Spider-Man!

Since I’m behind on some (a lot) of stuff, I’m going to keep it simple and just put a picture of the actor in normal people guise for each Spider-Man.

I’ll ask below as well, but I’m curious if people would prefer the final four (top 3 winners plus the loser with the most up votes) to be it’s own separate round or a run-off at the end of this round with them posted at the top of this thread. Since I probably can’t pin this, the separate round might be the most intuitive and straightforward.

But we can mull that over later! For now, swing over to the George Washington Bridge that is drawn to look way more like the Brooklyn Bridge to leave some flowers and mourn….


  • John Mulaney
  • Christopher Daniel Barnes
  • Shinji Todo
  • Danny Seagren
  • Oscar Isaac
  • Chris Pine

You should have 48 hours to vote after the last match but check the comments in case anything changes!