You have been mailed a mysterious box. Contained within is 5 Garnets, and the following letter. 

Congratulations, you have been invited to The Genius game. In The Genius Game, you’ll be able to experience the limits of human psychology. In The Genius Game, we have prepared games that will require you to exhibit your logical thinking and social skills. 

The reason you have been invited is because of your special talent. Conversational skills that draw people towards you. High intelligence and adaptability. Poker face and a killer instinct. Crisis management skills built up through hardship. Charming looks and the charisma to lead people. 

However, The Genius Game will present you several dilemmas. The journey and the result. The group and the individual. Beautiful defeats and ugly victories. Test your ability in the Genius Game.

I wish you luck.


What is Genius? Genius is a South Korean reality/game show. I assume no one else has seen it, which is not a problem. If you’re interested in it, this youtube video is what introduced me to it. The description contains links if you want to give it a watch – but that really wouldn’t be necessary to play in this game, and in a way it’s good to have you come in fresh to it.

Short story, Genius is not Werewolf — but I think a lot of it should appeal to Werewolf player sensibilities with the opportunity for alliances, betrayal, and backstabbing. I’ve come up with a format that also incorporates more Werewolf – like elements. It will be a very different experience than a Werewolf game, and might turn into a mess, but hopefully some of you will be up for trying to have fun with it. I will now actually explain the format below. 


Screen Shot 2020-05-27 at 4.51.03 AM

This might be a lot to take in at once, so TL:DR is during the Day phase everyone plays some type of Mind Game, a different one each day. You’ll be able to join alliances to strategize to win the Mind Game. Winning can give you immunity from death, losing can put you at risk of death. You’ll gain a form of in-game currency called Garnets during the game. At night you can use Garnets to contribute to a bounty on a player, with the players who have the highest bounties placed on them being Night Killed. Will keep playing until we get one winner of the Genius game. 

You are all contestants on reality tv show called Genius, hosted by a mysterious Masked Man who speaks to you from a TV monitor. You and your fellow contestants are all staying within the same house, which has a common room for everyone to meet, but also four more rooms for small groups to break off and plot among yourselves. 

1) Day Phase: The Mind Games: Each day in this game, your mysterious host will announce a new Mind Game you contestants will be participating in. These games within the game are intended to not be too complicated or take up an unreasonable amount of effort to take part in, but should allow for strategic thinking and alliance building. Being able to regularly check in on the progress of the game (as opposed to just showing up at twilight) might be important, but of course that doesn’t mean needing to be online all the time. 

The Mind Games will vary in format, but generally, someone (could be an individual, could be multiple people) will end up in First Place and someone will be in Last Place. 

The Prize for winning the Mind Game will be Immunity from being killed until the next day. If an individual wins this prize, they will be able to choose one other player to share immunity with. 

The Penalty for being in last place is being sent to the Death Match. A tie for last place will generally be decided by A) the player will the lowest amount of Garnets or B) Having the winner decide who is sent to the Death Match. The Death Match is explained below. 

There should also be opportunities within games to earn additional Garnets.

2) Twilight: The Death Match: The Death Match is what decides who is offed at the end of a day. As stated above, a loser will be selected to be sent to the Death Match. However, this loser will have the right to choose any other player to be their opponent in the Death Match (besides the players who received immunity that day). 

This second player sent to the Death Match will also get a choice: Do they want the Death Match to take the form of a public vote, in which the rest of the contestants choose which of the two to eliminate, OR have their fate decided by a simple game of chance. Either way, someone will die in the Death Match, and their Death Match opponent will receive all their Garnets. The Death Match winner also can not be killed that Night. 

3) Night Phase: The Wolf Bounty: As has been mentioned, you will begin the game with 5 Garnets, and can win more in multiple ways during the game. As mentioned above, these Garnets can be used as tiebreakers, but they also may be used at night –

EVERY LIVING PLAYER during Night will inform me by QT of A) The name of a player they want dead, and B) The amount of Garnets they are willing to pay for their death. You can choose to pay anything from zero garnets to all your garnets. The Wolf Bounty Hunter (to be clear, an NPC) will then count these up and kill the TOP 2 players with the highest bounties. Tie breakers will be A) the number of players who wanted a person dead, followed by B) RNG.  

This means we should have a consistent number of players cut, with each day featuring three less players, until we get to a final showdown between two finalists. 

4) QT Alliances: This will be somewhat similar to the Survivor game run by Jake and Hoho, in which you form your own alliances.

There will, however, be a limit on this – each day, there will be 4 Rooms (ie 4 QTs) that can serve as private discussion hubs. The keys to these rooms will be assigned to players randomly on the first Day – but after that, at Night, you may offer me garnets to bribe me for a key, in which case the next day’s Room Keys will go to the highest bidder(s). Having a room key will allow you to create a QT and invite whoever you want to join you in your room.You can invite as many as you want at any time as you want during the Day phase. The QT can be active as early as the start of the Day and will remain usable until the end of the Night Phase, after which it will be closed as the rooms reset.  Players can be in as many rooms as they accept an invitation into. 

You may also ask me at any time to send a message directly to another player on your behalf. 

5) Extra Notes on Garnets

Their function in the various above elements of the game has been mentioned. I will note two more things – first, that one more optional use of Garnets is to simply trade / give them away to any player of your choosing, possibly in deals you have worked out by QT. Second, within every new Day post, the number of Garnets each player currently possesses will be publicly announced. 

6) Additional Basic Rules


DO NOT QUOTE from any of your QT’s. Do not edit comments

Participation: Please note that you must make a minimum of three posts per day to avoid being mod-killed.

Roleplaying not required but certainly encouraged.

This game has been specifically designed with 20 players in mind, with the format making that roster size a bit more rigid that it would normally be. However, I am willing to try to adjust it up or down depending on interest in playing in this game.


  1. Corporal Hicks
  2. Forget_it_Jake
  3. Owen1120
  4. Spookyfriend
  5. The Wasp
  6. DW
  7. Hayes
  8. Nate the Lesser
  9. Emm
  10. Mr.ImMyOwnGrandpa
  11. Goat
  12. Josephus Brown
  13. Indy
  14. Sic Humor
  15. Ralph
  16. Grumproro
  17. Lindsay
  18. Donalbain
  19. ALKD
  20. Hoho ohno possum


  • Side Character

Comment below to sign-up! Let me know if you have questions, and like I said, this is a whole weird game / set-up and we might of course run into difficulties with it, so bear with me.

Depending on how this sign-up process goes I’m imagining it’ll make sense to start this game on Monday?