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The Thursday Politics Thread Protests Injustice

Morning folks,

I feel, frankly, that I am ill-equipped to really cover what’s been happening in Minnesota. So I’ll summarize briefly, the murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer has ignited a fresh wave of Black Lives Matter protests, with protesters literally taking over police precincts and chasing cops out of neighborhoods. Police response has been reported as aggressive and support from the National Guard has been requested in Minneapolis to combat what’s being described as looting and rioting amid the protests.

Reactions from other organizations have shown a clear disapproval of the MPD’s actions. The University of Minnesota will limit its ties with local police officers, no longer using them for local sporting events

University of Minnesota to limit ties with Minneapolis police after George Floyd’s death

All four officers involved in the incident have been fired and Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey has demanded criminal charges.

MPD Chief Arradondo: 4 Police Officers Fired Following Death Of George Floyd

Meanwhile, protesters in LA have been blocking the 101 and there have been reports of smashed cop car windows.

As of this writing, the situation is still developing with protests now also breaking out in Memphis, Tennessee, where protesters have shut down Union Avenue.

The Worst Year Ever podcast has released an episode on the protests that might be helpful. What You Need to Know About the Minneapolis Protests

Welcome to Thursday. Be excellent to each other. If anyone lives in these areas or plans to be in one of these areas, please stay safe.