“Into The Woods” American Dad! S17E05

Stan tries to make amends with an old classmate.

While at a local sub shop, Subs Galore, Stan recognizes an old middle school chum Tommy.  Which middle school?  You guessed it,  Frank Stallone MS.a1

Stan relates to Roger the wrong he did to Tommy back then on a Halloween night.


Stan is not with this loser


Sandwich time!  Oh! Oh! Oh!


Stan and Roger follow Tommy to find out what a loser he’s turned out to be, as it is not a Buffet situation.


Also, Tommy is not deaf.


Stan thinks that he ruined Tommy’s life and thus has to help him get a better one, with Roger’s aid.  But Roger feels a cold coming on and has to sit this one out.  Enter Francine, who can power clown!


Stan gives Tommy and  apology,  but Tommy  doesn’t even remember who Stan is.


Not knowing when to cut his losses, Stan is all in for helping Tommy, who doesn’t even want it.  Stan goes to great lengths, and breaks a few trespassing laws, to convince Tommy of that incident.


Stan even sets up an interview for Tommy, but Stan messes that up as well.


Stan even tried recreate that fateful Halloween night.  Zoot Suit Riot!  Riot

And naturally, things go exactly the same.  “I’m not with with loser”.  Tommy has finally had enough and tells Stan that he remembered it wrong.  It was Tommy who said he wasn’t with that loser Stan.  Stan had the memory reversed,

Finally recalling that trauma, Stan cries, runs away.  Into the woods!  We have the episode title!


Unable to cope with being a big loser, Stan seeks safety in the woods until Francine comes to drag his sorry ass back home.


Francine orchestrates a middle school reunion to prove that Stan isn’t the biggest loser in the group, but it turns out Stan really is a loser compared to them.  Tommy was in that Buffet situation after all as he owns the chain of sub shops.


The bullies make fun of Stan for coming alone, but he says his wife is with him.  When they ask smoking hot hardbody Francine  if she’s with this loser, she replies “That loser? No way!”  Again Stan cries, runs away.


On the ride home, Stan reverses the memory in his head and forgives Francine for not being with her, and she forgives him.


In the end all is well, except for Roger, when that cold finally hits.


Pretty standard outing for American Dad.  No real new ground here, but enough laughs with Stan’s insecurities, over the top dedication and a  Zoot Suit to boot.

Grade : B