The Avocado’s Favorite Spider-Man – ROUND 1!

“Anyone can wear the mask.” – Miles Morales (Shameik Moore)

It’s Memorial Day everyone! Normally for our American Avocados, today would be marked with cook-outs, remembrance, and time spent with family and/or outside. Since that’s probably not the case for many today, I offer this nerdy divertissement.

Unfortunately, I must confess my semantic are already shot. While I had hoped to make a 32 seeded tournament of Spider-Man actors, some of our most popular nominees were neither Spider-Men nor sentient beings. Since I didn’t specify “Actor” in the tournament name, I decided to save myself the headache of figuring out who to disqualify and just respect the will of the Avocado. Every nominee will have a chance at the title!

Each of our 42 contestants were seeded according to how many up votes they got in the nomination round. Now, 42 may be the answer to the question of life but it doesn’t lend itself to even round results. Therefore, in order to keep our match-ups consistent, half of our rounds will have the winners plus¬†the loser with the most upvotes and an identifiable pulse advance.

Once the matches are through, I’ll post subheadings for discussion and to collect samples of our Spider-People so we can have a better informed discussion! This page at Behind The Voice Actors has a great collection of short samples from our many Peter Parker voice actors.

Well, that’s that! Time for us to sit down and hash out who is the most Amazing, Spectacular, Sensational, Avenging, Ultimate, Superior, Friendly Neighborhood, Superior, Web of, one and only¬†Spider-Man!

Voting will be open for 48 hours after the 21st match is posted.