“Brave N00b World” American Dad! S17E04

Stan and Steve join an e-sports tournament.  The rest of the family get their heads stuck in the banister

Stan and Steve are supposed to be enjoying father son day , but a call from work has others plans for them.  Bullock arranges for the CIA gang to fly to Hong Kong to participate in an international  video game tournament in order eliminate the head of North Korea’s nuke program.  Plus he’s a total poser and wants to nuke the US to kingdom come


Stan and the CIA gang can’t play video games for shit, so they recruit Steve to teach them how, but under the ruse that it’s father son time.


Stan’s not good at gaming, Steve tells him that he keeps “splitting focus”.  At the tournament, the team does quite poorly at first.  Dr. Weitzman to the rescue with Korean stem cells for modified DNA to improve their reaction times.


This plan actually works.  Stan has total focus, and America advances to the finals

a6 But the CIA is more interested in their assassination assignment instead of the tournament, all to Steve’s chagrin.   But one motivational speech later, they are back in the game.  Win the finals and complete the mission.


Stan fucks up because of classic split focus and messes up the assignment.  Here come the nukes, but not before Stan and Steve make up their rift.  Mutually assured destruction.


WTF is even going on here?


Science it bananas!



B Plot

Jeff gets his head stuck in the stair case banister, which goes unexplained.  He’s going to be late for his prostate exam.  Hayley, who needs to help adopt kitties , then Francine, who has a job interview,  and then Roger, for comedy kicks,  all get their heads stuck as well.  Klaus to the rescue?  Of course, only if they can make a deal


Principal Lewis adopts some cats


Jeff gets his exam and Francine crushes her job interview


Hey, it’s Tuttle!




Pretty solid outing this time around.  Good story with Stan and Steve, and the B plot provides some good laughs.  Things really took a dark and unexpected turn at the end with the nukes, space travels, aliens, new reality, ice cream theory.  Sure , why the hell not.

Grade B+