Shoeless Trivia: France

Land of fried potatoes and sloppy kisses.

  1. What is the name (in English) of the collection of interlinked novels and stories set in 19th century France written by Honoré de Balzac? Notable novels in the collection include Les Chouans and Père Goriot.
  2. The territories of Saint-Martin and Saint Barthélemy, now considered collectivities, voted in 2003 to secede from what French overseas department?
  3. According to the title of the J. M. W. Turner  painting seen below, what marine mollusk is the exiled Napoleon studying?strivia176_1
  4. The addition of what ingredient distinguishes a croque madame sandwich from a croque monsieur?
  5. A very young Bart Simpson can be heard here singing his version of an aria from Act 2 of what Georges Bizet opera?

  1. The Human Comedy
  2. Guadeloupe
  3. (rock) limpet
  4. (fried) egg
  5. Carmen