A (4/27) Night Thread at the Opera

The war between the East and West was growing more violent by the day.

Draco, a soldier from the West, thinks of his love, Maria, back at home.

Opera Impresario (Front): Welcome to the Jidoor Opera House. I’m glad that you all could make it all the way down the monster-ridden peninsula to get here, even though it’s miles away from the actual town. I will be your impresario tonight, which is a word that I only just looked up the meaning of.

You may have heard the rumors that our lead, Maria is the target of a kidnapping plot by the dashing rogue, Setzer Gabbiani, who owns the only airship in the world and also there’s a casino on it for some reason. Rest assured, Maria will be completely safe and certainly will not be replaced at the last second by a former general with absolutely no acting experience and an extremely coincidental similar appearance. She also definitely exists, even though nobody has ever actually seen her, and that making up an actress named “Maria” to play the character “Maria” is the least creative lie one could possibly come up with. If one were lying. Which I am not. Maria is real and not a stand-in for a made-up person.

Definitely Exists

You may also have heard rumors that a giant talking octopus intends to also kidnap and/or maim Maria or otherwise ruin the show due to some kind of grudge with a group of travelers who are entirely unrelated to this opera house. That’s clearly just ridiculous.

Definitely Does Not Exist

So please sit back and enjoy tonight’s opera, “Maria and Draco” which is really only about 15 minutes long, so it’s probably not that surprising that this opera house is in the financial hole.

And yes, we will be using the newer translation because the Woolsey one is basically unsingable.1


Oh, Maria
Oh, Maria

Though I call you from afar,
Will this message reach your heart?
Oh how I long to be with you.

Oh my hero, my beloved
Shall we still be made to part?
Though promises of perennial love yet sing here in my heart?

I’m the darkness, you’re the starlight
Shining brightly from afar
Through hours of despair
I offer this prayer to you, my evening star

Must my final vows exchanged
Be with him and not with you?
Were you only here to quiet my fear,
Oh speak! Guide me anew

(Dancing happens)

(Invading army happens)


Draco! I knew you would return to me my love!

Insolent rogue! Knave of the western horde!
Would you address my queen-to-be, Maria?

Never shall you have Maria’s hand!
I would die before that day comes!

Then we duel!

 (They duel)

I yield, this day is yours,
Draco, curse you should let Maria go

Peace then, for you have my word
With me she’ll know nothing of grief

Maria, Maria, I love you so.

Maria, Maria, return to me.

I am thankful my beloved
For your tenderness and grace.
I see in your eyes, so gentle and wise
All doubts and fears erased!
Though the hours take no notice
Of what fate might have in store

Our love, come what may,
will never age a day
I’ll wait forever more!


p.s. look up The Black Mages – Darkness and Starlight version of the song because it’s great. (The Black Mages being FFVI composer Nobuo Uematsu’s rock band)