Avocado April Madness: Elite Eight

Here we are at the Elite Eight, or, to put it another way, the Division Finals! But before we get down to business, a moment of silence for the fallen:

Roger Smith
Tina Belcher
Veronica Mars
Philip Jennings
Finn the Human
Steve Harrington
Peggy Carter

There were some hard, hard losses this round, including the loss of Peridot in a coin flip. (I did vote for her in the end, though. I DID MY PART!) Roger campaigners, Finn campaigners, Peridot campaigners: Your efforts are celebrated. They will not be forgotten.

But now it’s time to decide the champions of the Comedy, Drama, Youth, and Sci-Fi/Fantasy divisions. Gear up, folks. It’s time to campaign like you’ve never campaigned before.

Character campaign posters, if you want them, can be found here: https://the-avocado.org/2020/04/06/avocado-april-madness-round-of-64/

The Elite Eight will be open until 6 pm EST on Saturday, April 11.