Avocado Weekly Movie Thread (3/24)

Welcome to the Weekly Movie Thread! Come in to discuss new movies in thea-…. Oh. I guess I can’t use the standard template for this week. Hmmmm. Come to discuss new additions to streaming! Old classics you’ve seen! And all other general movie discussion!

Have you been watching more movies now that you’ve been spending more time in all day? What’s your go-to streaming platform to watch film recently? Have you been watching way more Disney Plus now that the kids are home? Do you have Netflix on in the background when you are allegedly working from home?

This year we celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell screwball comedy, His Girl Friday!

It’s a movie where everyone talks at superspeed. You would think it would be the era where people just naturally talked the way. Wikipedia, though, tells me that director Howard Hawks was intentionally trying to break some sort of record.

“Hawks encouraged his actors to be aggressive and spontaneous, creating several moments in which the characters break the fourth wall. The film has been noted for its surprises, comedy and rapid, overlapping dialogue. Hawks himself was determined to break the record for the fastest film dialogue, at the time held by The Front Page. He used a sound mixer on the set to increase the speed of dialogue and held a showing of the two films next to each other to prove how fast his film was.”

Hello, Clarisse.

The movie is about Hildy trying to free a man who is accused of murdering an African-American police officer on the theory he was under the influence of socialists.


To be fair, no one in the newspaper business comes out looking all that ethical in His Girl Friday, with people using the promise of stories to settle petty grievances and fabrications being written to sell papers with no mind of what lives they ruin.

Like, Cary Grant will straight up employ criminals to frame an innocent man so that he doesn’t end up marrying his ex-wife (which means losing his star reporter). If you thought that morally ambiguous characters were a recent innovation, you need to check out the jackasses who populate the world of His Girl Friday. (And it seems totally intentional, too, given how the politicians are portrayed as trying to control the narrative themselves for their own ends.)

The film was adapted from the stage play The Front Page, in which Hildy was originally male.  It may be the most successful attempt at flipping genders… no one thinks of Hildy as a male these days.

Today’s prompt: What was the most successful attempt at changing the genders for the roles in film?

For this prompt, I will consider roles originally written for an opposite gender (Salt, The Ancient One in Doctor Strange) and films that traditionally featured leads of one gender being swapped for another (Ocean’s 8, The Next Karate Kid).