Friday the 13th VII Night Thread

The very first Friday the 13th movie I remember seeing was Part VII – The New Blood. 

At the end of Part VI, Tommy Jarvis successfully traps Jason at the bottom of Camp Crystal Lake. Years later, a teenager named Tina Shepard tries to resurrect her father, who died near the lake. Using her psychic powers, she inadvertently resurrects Jason. Can Tina and the rest of the counselors stop Jason before his reign of terror begins once again?

This installment of Friday the 13th was the debut of Kane Hodder as Jason. 

Keep your eyes peeled for beloved Weekend at Bernie’s actor Terry Kiser. He plays Dr. Crews, Tina’s physician , who tries to use her abilities for his own gain. 

Long before Freddy vs Jason, we had “Carrie” vs Jason. 

Enjoy your evening Avocados but beware Camp Crystal Lake, there’s a death curse on that camp!