Comic Book Review – Harley Quinn Volume One – Die Laughing

After going to see Birds of Prey at the theater last month, I wanted to read something connected to the movie. I requested the first volume of Harley Quinn DC Rebirth from the library.

Harley Quinn Volume 1 – Die Laughing

Writers – Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti
Artists – Chad Hardin and John Timms

The first issue features Harley Quinn and her extensive cast of characters in her universe, some of which include: Big Tony, her new main squeeze, her Gang of Harleys, Red Tool, and Eggy. After these introductions, the story shifts to a UFO hitting a farm in Oklahoma. An alien has crash-landed but before he can get away, he must blend in by transforming into a cow. All does not end well for this strange visitor to our planet as he is sent away with other cows to be butchered and turned into hot dogs. Once these hot dogs are eaten by people, they turn into zombies! Harley and her crew are trapped in Coney Island fighting for their lives against these flesh eaters. Don’t worry – she survives and lives another day.

The rest of the volume contains an adventure featuring Harley Quinn and Bolly Quinn traveling to India on a mission to help elderly people who were scammed out of money. Finally, a three-part series where Harley starts a punk band to get revenge on thieves who stole something belonging to her from her days working at Arkham Asylum.

Two to three mini arcs are perfect for Harley and her misadventures. I thought the mission to India was a bit confusing, but I did enjoy the arc where she becomes a punk rocker to solve crimes committed by local band Purple Satin.

This Harley Quinn series is rated Teen Plus but there are a lot of themes throughout this volume that should make it rated for mature audiences. For this reason, I am glad that the recently released Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey series is being printed under the DC Black Label banner. If DC wanted, they could have a regular Harley Quinn series for all ages and one for older audiences. Cha-Ching!

Be warned that some of the humor in this volume is a little gross but not totally off-putting.
This volume is a perfect jumping on point for those wanting to follow Harley and her new life post -Joker, like in the movie. There are nice callbacks to Suicide Squad and some Easter Eggs that were in Birds of Prey. Keep your eyes peeled for Bernie the Beaver.

Volume One gets 2 sledgehammers out of four.