PAX East 2020 Crosstalk Thread

Hey out there, all you Gamercados! For the second year in a row, we’re coming at you loud and Boston proud, as the biggest gaming convention on the East Coast celebrates an an amazing ten years in the Hub.

True, with news of Sony pulling out of the show due to coronavirus concerns, it might be as big as in years past but, that just means more room to get around on the show floor, right? Just remember, the rules are the same for dealing with the dreaded PAX Pox: cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze, keep your hands washed or otherwise sanitized, and don’t go kissing any strange Pokémon.

As before, this thread will be up for all 4 days of the conference for those of us in attendance to post our thoughts opinions, meet up plans, and photos. (For the latter, remember to keep it SFW) Even if you’re not going, feel free to join the discussion; there’ll be lots to see and hear.

Beyond that, may everyone enjoy themselves, and Happy Gaming!