Comic Book Review – Marvel Zombie (Oct 2018)

Marvel Zombie One-Shot (October 2018)

Writer – William Prince

Artist – Stefano Raffaele

In this post-apocalyptic story, the Marvel Universe is split between the undead horde of zombies, consisting of former super villains and the living, superheroes consisting of Spider-Man and the Defenders (Misty Knight, Daredevil, Black Widow, Moon Girl, and the Falcon).

As a small group of zombies make their way into the heart of New York City, the heroes gather to defend the human survivors from the flesh-eating ghouls. A small boy named Donny disobeys the order to get to safety and becomes trapped among the zombies. He is saved by Simon Garth, the Zombie!

As Simon Garth and Donny become fast friends, can the superheroes find a way to accept Simon as one of their own? What happens when a horde of thousands of zombies are spotted shambling toward the safe zone? Can this small band of heroes stop the large numbers of zombies?

I ordered this issue back around Halloween 2018 because I was a fan of Kirkman’s Marvel Zombies mini-series from the early 2000s, I’m an avid fan of horror, and the cover featuring Simon Garth surrounded by lost artifacts of Marvel Superheroes pulled me in!

For those that love zombie movies like the Romero’s Dead Series and 28 Days Later, this one-shot hits all the important tropes: a small band of heroes arguing if the answer to the zombie apocalypse is trying to find a cure for the plague or complete eradication of the enemy by any means necessary, a solution to the problem that could cost more than the heroes bargained, and that some of the heroes might not make it to the end to relish in victory.

My favorite zombie design is of Doctor Octopus. Very gross, but very interesting. Keep an eye out for him among the attacking horde.

This one shot is definitely worth tracking down and adding it to your read pile. A nice done-in-one story that honors both the legacy of Marvel Zombies and the original Zombie Simon Garth and a nice wink and nod to Kirkman’s other creation The Walking Dead.