The Avocado’s Favorite Actor – Results!

After a long, hard-fought, contentious battle, it’s time to announce the winners and determine once and for all…who is The Avocado’s Favorite Actor?

In THIRD PLACE…it’s Cate Blanchett!

Congratulations, Cate! Take your place on the podium; you deserve it!

In SECOND PLACE…it’s Philip Seymour Hoffman!

We all love you, Phil! Take your well-deserved spot on the podium.

And without further ado, our WINNERAlan Rickman!

Yes, Alan, you are The Avocado’s Favorite Actor! Take your gold medal, sir! You richly deserve this prestigious award!

A fond thank-you to everyone who voted in this tournament, and hopefully we will see you for a future bracket! So for now, adieu!