The Avocado’s Favorite Actor – Finals!

Due to completely forgetting having some stuff come up, the finals are here, if a little late! Sorry!

It’s time for another patented BannerThief Tournament, where The Avocado is nearly torn asunder by infighting, sectarian conflicts, and hair-splitting of the highest order! It’s time for us to determine…WHO IS OUR FAVORITE ACTOR?

This is the Final Round, where 2 “Actors” and 1 “Actress” will go head-to-head to determine…who is our Favorite Actor?

A note: “Actor” is a sometimes nebulous term, so I will be defining what I mean here: An actor, according to my definition, has appeared in at least one film or TV episode, has an entry on IMDB, and is a gender-neutral term.

This means that I am running TWO concurrent tournaments (with one winner and two runners-up!), using Academy rules, to avoid a dearth of representation. Simply put, I don’t want white dudes running away with this competition!

All brackets were sorted via seed according to number of upvotes.