The Green Night Thread (Feb 7)

Green Arrow! She-Hulk! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Reverend Green with the candlestick in the conservatory! Green is great. Culturally it has come to be associated with safety, springtime, youthfulness, and in medieval times it was the colour of love. To have green fingers is to be passionate about gardening. Dollar bills are Greenbacks.

As Goethe wrote in his 1810 book, Theory of Colours:

“If yellow and blue, which we consider as the most fundamental and simple colours, are united as they first appear, in the first state of their action, the colour which we call green is the result.

The eye experiences a distinctly grateful impression from this colour. If the two elementary colours are mixed in perfect equality so that neither predominates, the eye and the mind repose on the result of this junction as upon a simple colour. The beholder has neither the wish nor the power to imagine a state beyond it. Hence for rooms to live in constantly, the green colour is most generally selected.”

Also, here is a green frog!


Have a green night, everybody!