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The Tuesday Politics Thread Is Not Viable

Wow, can you believe the results of that Iowa caucus?

What’s that you say?


Well, while we wait for the dust to kick up, hang around a bit, and then settle over the next few days, we can look forward to the State of the Union address tonight! Hmm, “look forward to” seems pretty strong. We can tolerate the existence of while we politely ignore the State of the Union address? That feels better.

And now some important news: this will be my final regular Politics Thread. I’ve shepherded you all through your Tuesdays since the bad old days, the pre-Avocado days, the Disqus Group days, and now my watch ends. The generous Blue Adept has agreed to take over this duty. It’s been real, but even this small responsibility wears a fella down.

Last Politics Thread

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