Cast the Fantastic Four Day Thread (Jan 31)

Avengers: Endgame felt personally like a natural conclusion for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and my enthusiasm for the franchise wasn’t particularly rekindled by Spider-Man: Far From Home. There is one thing that I will still get excited at the prospect of, however: a live-action version of the Fantastic Four that’s actually good.

So let’s cast the film! On the whole we’re looking for more youthful actors that can be signed up to those crazy 12-film deals and carry the MCU through the next ten to fifteen years. Firstly the Four:

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Jovan Adepo is Mister Fantastic, Reed Richards. He was perfectly awkward and nerdy in The Leftovers, and has already tasted the superhero life as Hooded Justice in the Watchmen series.

Marvel have an excellent record of casting excellent actors in one-off roles, thereby wasting their potential for better characters (Mads Mikkelsen, Walton Goggins, Christopher Ecclestone, etc.) This tradition seems to be alive and well with the superb Florence Pugh in a supporting role in the upcoming Black Widow film. But screw it – Chris Evans could be two different characters in the Marvel universe, and besides which, we’ve got the Multiverse now and therefore anything’s possible: therefore Pugh is The Invisible Woman, Susan Storm.

The Human Torch, Johnny Storm is of course a bit of a cocky cock as well as a pretty boy, which Dacre Montgomery has experience of, having played Billy in Stranger Things.

The Thing, Ben Grimm was already cast perfectly in the otherwise execrable 2005 film. In an ideal world Michael Chiklis would return in practical make-up, but I’ll settle for his voice and motion-capture performance.

And now, the antagonists:

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Jesse Plemons can do goofy. He can do weird. And he can definitely do evil. Perfect for the menace lurking beneath Manhattan and the primary villain of the first film, the Mole Man.

The next two characters are rich enough really to carry their own films or Disney+ shows, so are also cast with one eye on the future.

Namor, the Sub-Mariner is Marwan Kenzari, the brooding Dutch actor who played Jafar in the remake of Aladdin.

Latverian monarch and techno-wizard Doctor Victor Von DOOM is a fraught part to cast, being that he’s probably the greatest Marvel villain not yet part of the MCU. My personal choice is Welsh actor Aneurin Barnard.

Finally, in the post-credits teaser, Penn Badgley appears as the Silver Surfer, the Herald of Galactus. I loved him in Margin Call and as Joe Goldberg in You, and has a slightly otherworldly weirdness perfect for Norrin Radd.

silver surfer

And who should voice The Devourer of Worlds? Bryan Cranston, of course!

Enjoy your day, everyone!