2020s Predictions

I did this in the open thread and it seemed pretty popular, so here it is a full post: What do you think the next decade will bring, in pop culture and/or beyond?


I’ll start off, with some guesses of what I think will happen by 2030:


The MCU will end. The kids that grew up watching The Avengers will be all grown up, and kids that weren’t even born when Iron Man was released will become obsessed with their own, new cultural touchstones.


The end of Peak TV.  One or two of the big streaming services in the horizon will fail, Netflix will have a large enough backlog of originals that they no longer worry about having to compete on volume, and production of new shows will start to decrease.


Youtube/Twitch/social media influencers become even bigger and more…influential. There are a lot of young kids out there now that don’t see much of a difference between a youtube video or professional episode of television or movie–they watch them all on the same device when they want to be entertained. As these kids get older, that line will only get blurrier.



Well, what do you think the next decade will bring?