Heads up Avocados – only two weeks until Giftmas!!

And it’s only 13 days until November 30th, which is the LAST POSSIBLE DAY your giftee can get their gift to open it Giftmas morning (since that’s a Sunday).

I would like to emphasize that Thanksgiving (US) is literally 3 days before Giftmas this year, so PLEASE plan shipping accordingly – US ‘cados don’t get mail on Thursday, 11/28, and there will likely be a backlog of mail on Friday, 11/29.

I know I harp on this every year, but folks shipping internationally and particularly anyone shipping across the US/Canada border really need to ship within the next week, if they haven’t already. We know how those mail mooses do.

They do… not operate as fast as this GIF.

Speaking of things I harp on every year: please check the email you provided me with regularly — particularly if you’re an Amazon Locker recipient. A number of you use Avocado-specific email addresses for Giftmas, which is totally fine, but it also means you’re not checking it on the reg. I may need to confirm an address, and Locker folks will be getting codes from me that expire in three days, so y’all need to keep that inbox open in a tab or something.


On that note – first-time Locker gifters: you will not get a Locker code to forward to me to send to your gifter until your gift has been delivered to the locker. I do not need your tracking/order numbers.

There’s a subthread for shouting into the void that you got your gift that you should go comment in (it helps your gifter not to freak out, and me to make sure that no one’s bailed).

Also: check out the Brainstorming Thread in case you forgot where that was. There’s a great subthread on color/pattern preferences among other things.

Again, please keep in mind that many people’s last day to receive mail prior to Giftmas is November 29th this year.

I know some of you have already gotten your gifts – remember, don’t open them until December 1st!

(Please, do not ship live Spidermen)