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The Weekend Politics Thread Rocks Out

As always, lots of stuff happening in the world – but this weekend, that stuff has musical accompaniment! Let’s start in Britain. Boris Johnson is undergoing his predestined humiliation as PM, but a hard Brexit still looms large over the schadenfreude.

Meanwhile, US Vice President Mike Pence spent some time at the only place in Ireland that actually likes him: a golf resort owned by Donald Trump. Here’s a song for Mike.

And then there’s Trump. Sharpiegate. The stupidity is off the charts here. Maybe we should alter the stupidity charts with a Sharpie. SO DUMB. Donnie, let me ask you a personal question: when you decided to run for President, is this what you had in mind? 24/7 scorn and mockery from the whole planet? I guess you just wanted attention and man, have you got it now, but you just look miserable all the time, and it’s no picnic for the rest of us either. Be careful what you wish for.

Oh, and Robert Mugabe died. He was dictator of Zimbabwe from 1980 to 2017.

Let’s keep this place free of threats against either humans or squirrels. Also, remember it’s the weekend, so whether you’re here or elsewhere, enjoy it!