The Thursday Politics Thread Is At It Again

Morning Politocadoes,

So I woke up on Wednesday hearing that Boris Johnson, former Boy-Mayor of Londontown, and current Prime Minister (?) of the United Kingdom was asking the Queen to suspend Parliament in order to, essentially, force a hard Brexit. I had thought: ‘You know, this could be a real chance for the Queen to have some say on the sideshow that has been on display for the last three years. Perhaps, maybe she would tell this unruly hooligan to stuff it.’

LOL Nope.

The Queen assented to Johnson’s plan. Parliament will have a five week suspension. The government claims that this will still allow for debate on Brexit but most people seem to that as ridiculous given the October deadline. The plan has sparked protests, a legal challenge, and a petition with more than a million signatures so far.

Understand that I, as an American, am not looking at this with quite the same sort of schadenfreude that others might. Rather, it’s more of me, a sensible person in a country going down in flames, raising a toast to other sensible people in another country going down in flames.

Speaking of!

The US is no longer automatically granting citizenship to children of US servicemembers born overseas. This is an unconscionable assault of American birthright citizenship and is an excellent example of monstrous the current administration  is and how much personally, Trump hates the troops. We have bases around the world that need to be staffed for long periods of time. People need to bring their families, or start families, live their lives. Not only does this add a wholly unnecessary complication to the lives of US servicemembers but it’s also making what once was a given now entirely conditional. Each step takes us further down.

Apropos of nothing, Russians have been staying at Trump properties for years to get birthright citizenship for their children.

The US is also rolling back regulations on Methane, which require oil and gas companies to inspect and repair leaks from wells, pipelines, and storage facilities. Methane, a potent greenhouse gas, is known to be a major contributor to climate change. The rollback is notable in that, well, major oil and gas companies oppose it. In fact, many of the proposals to roll back Obama-era environmental regulations have been opposed by some those who’d ostensibly stand to benefit. Toyota, Fiat, and GM notably opposed the Trump proposal to allow vehicles to pollute more for example,

All of which is a rather tiresome way to say that Trump’s rollbacks are specifically about erasing Obama’s legacy than anything else.

It’s not all bad though. In regards to the 2020 elections, Johnny Isakson, US senator from Georgia is retiring, putting both Senate seats in GA in play. The Democratic field for President continues to be whittled down. Tulsi Gabbard, noted Bashar Al-Assad Stan and Presidential candidate, did not qualify for the next debate. And on a more melanchooly note, Kirsten Gillibrand has dropped out of the race citing fundraising issues and poor polling.

The winnowing ought to be taking out more of the mediocre white guys, but hey, delusion’s a hell of a drug, just ask John Delaney.

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