Worst Cover Song Round 1

What do you get when you take two rock legends and a Motown Classic? The most nominated song on the Avocado’s Worst Cover Song Tournament.

Welcome to the first round of the Worst Cover Song Tournament. The top 32 songs will up for voting in the comments.

Some facts about our nominees:

Most Voted Song

Dancing in the Streets by Mick Jagger and David Bowie

Only Artist to Receive Multiple Nominations

Limp Bizkit

Song That Just Made The Tournament 

Sweet Child O’ Mine by Sheryl Crow

Voting will be open until 11:00 EST tomorrow, August 27. So vote have fun and leave comments above the nominees.

While Kid Rock’s All Summer Long didn’t make the tournament because it’s not really a cover it does deserve a (dis)honorable mention for being a crappy song.