Best Video Game Song Tournament – Prehistory (Before 1983) – Round 4

Current Standings:

Round 4 Standings

Round 3 featured some fireworks. Most notably, Super Locomotive’s “Rydeen” (a cover of the Yellow Magic Orchestra song of the same name, rendered in NES-level detail, extraordinarily impressive for a game from 1982) faced of against Dig Dug’s “Main Theme” which, while not the technical achievement of Rydeen is an original song, and one that doesn’t suck to listen to for more than 10 seconds, a legitimate accomplishment with the level of bleepblorps that game’s using. It was closely fought, but in the end Dig Dug was the victor, by a margin of 10-8. Now it has to face our current #1 seed, Moon Patrol’s “Main Music”.

The rest of our top 4 had it easier last round, including Pac-Man’s “Ready! Jingle”, which has to date faced opponents that are 0-3, 0-3, and 1-2. An awful strength of schedule to be sure, but it’s finally time to face the big dogs, with a match against Ms. Pac-Man’s “Intermission Music” on deck. Was “Ready! Jingle” a paper tiger, or is it just getting started?

And on the less illustrious end of our bracket, 4 poor songs have yet to win even a single matchup. 2 of them are fated to get on the board this round, while 2 more will have to carry this indignity to a grotesque grand finals of sorts. The losing song will actually be unmasked and killed in the ring, so be sure to vote! A life just might depend on it.

Please listen to both songs in a matchup before voting! Give the dark horses a fair shake.

Voting will be open until Friday, August 23rd at 10:00 PM Pacific