The Avocado Cleaning Thread Does the Laundry

If you’re like me, you spend your weekends catching up on a lot of housework you didn’t do during the week. So, here is a place is a place to commiserate, ask for advice, or maybe brag about how clean you are. Talk about whatever you want!

This week’s suggested topic: Laundry!

Man, I hate laundry. I’m happy to let my husband take over the laundry duties of carrying it down and back up. It’s probably my most-hated chore. I do the folding, and any ironing if needed, but I hate the washing part.

A month or two ago I bought a dress at Target, and almost immediately got grease stains on it, and then my husband threw it in the laundry with everything else (he doesn’t believe in separating things) and so now I suppose they’re permanently set in.

How much do you hate laundry? Any horror stories of white shirts turning pink? Commiserate here!