Shoeless Trivia: Cool

Sorry it’s been a while. Travel, negotiating a career change, and most recently broken air conditioning have been occupying my time and thoughts. But they are upstairs working on the new AC now, so in honor of that let’s do a round on cool.

  1. Be Cool is the the 2005 sequel to what 1995 film? Both the original and the sequel were based on books by a popular American crime novelist.
  2. Who was the original pitchman for Cool Ranch Doritos when the product debuted in 1986?
  3. LL Cool J was born James Todd Smith, hence the J. What does the LL stand for?
  4. Helium cooled to near a temperature of absolute zero becomes superfluid, meaning that unlike conventional liquids it lacks what property?
  5. The character seen below is the mascot for what undeniably cool open source software project that began in 1991?cool1

  1. Get Shorty
  2. Jay Leno
  3. ladies love
  4. viscosity
  5. Linux (kernel)