Comic Book Review – Invisible Woman #1

Mark Waid returns to the Fantastic Four and has brought artist Mattia De Iulis along for the ride in Invisible Woman #1.

If Reed Richards is the brain, Ben Grimm the muscle, and Johnny Storm the funny bone, then Susan Storm Richards is the heart of the Fantastic Four. Over the years, the male counterparts of the FF have starred in their own solo titles and mini-series. Now, Susan Storm gets her time to shine in the spotlight.

Some comic fans may think Sue Storm as only a one note, two-dimensional character and the weakest member of the FF. People tend to forget she was integral in defeating the Hulk in Fantastic Four #166. After finishing Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars, I pondered how the miniseries might have been different if Sue was on Battleworld along with her teammates (Sue was left behind on Earth because she was pregnant at the time of the 1980s crossover).

If you want a taste of how dangerous and exciting Sue Storm can be, look no further than this comic book.

Susan Storm has been an asset to the spy organization S.H.I.E.L.D since she first gained her powers during that fateful trip to space. Issue one opens with a flashback to Operation: Tempest where she and her partner, Aidan Tintreach, successfully helped a scientist defect to Hungary from his home country Bahzelstan.

In present day, Sue is called to Langley, Virginia to CIA headquarters. Six American high school students were taken hostage by the Moravian government. After a tense negotiation, they are safe at an embassy waiting to return to the United States. Elsewhere, Aidan has been captured by Moravian spies and tortured for information. Sue wants to help rescue Aidan but if the United States government is involved in any way, those high school students could end up in front of a firing squad.

Sue decides she will do whatever it takes to save Aidan. With the help of Nick Fury Jr. Sue’s first stop is Madripoor. As Sue makes her way around the island, she runs afoul of two masked men with knives. She stops one but before she can incapacitate the other, Black Widow makes the save.

This is a solid first issue of intrigue featuring secret agent Sue Storm thrown back into the spy game. Add Black Widow to the mix and this dynamite duo is unstoppable. Two strong female heroines with a different way of getting things done. Sue Storm has one rule in the field – no killing allowed. Black Widow will do whatever it takes to get the job done, regardless who gets in her way. Can these two mesh well or will their partnership end before it begins?

Next Issue – Susan Richards, the Invisible Woman, forms an unlikely — and uneasy — alliance with fellow spy Black Widow to comb the alleys and palaces of Madripoor! They’re searching for Sue Richards’ first partner — but what they discover will shake Sue to the core and turn her mission upside down! In Stores August 7, 2019