Comic Book Review – Blossoms 666 #5

Blossoms 666 #5

Writer- Cullen Bunn

Artist – Laura Braga

Recap – “Cheryl, Jason, and Julian Blossom have all upped their game in the competition for the title of Anti-Christ, and they don’t care who gets in their way. With Ethel now under their spell and at the mercy of the Order of Abaddon, there’s no telling what she may do and who could get hurt- especially now that she’s found Jughead. Meanwhile, Julian has earned the trust of Betty, whom he’s informed about the Order of Abaddon. Betty decided it would be best to warn her friends Archie and Veronica…only to discover that they’ve been having a secret romance behind her back. What she doesn’t know is that they’re also under Blossoms’ mind control. Is anyone in Riverdale safe?”

As Julian comforts a sad and dejected Betty, Ethel takes Jughead to the secret cave located on the Blossom estate where the demonic statue of Abaddon resides. She shows a dagger to Jughead and realizes he may be sacrificed; instead, Ethel asks Jughead to kill her.

Meanwhile, in the Blossom’s backyard, Cheryl swims in the pool and Jason reclines on a chair, both contemplating their next move to strike back at Julian. Cheryl gets tied up in the pool vacuum and begins to drown. This is another freak accident like the close call with the car last issue. Jason saves her and tells her the only course of action is to reveal the truth about Julian to Betty.

Ethel reveals to Jughead that the statue of Abaddon has three tongues, just before she stabs herself with the dagger. As Jughead runs away in terror, he bumps into Cheryl and Jason. Jason wants to collect the favor Jughead owes him. Betty and Julian drive to the Riverdale police station to interview Dilton about the Blossoms. The sheriff takes the teenagers to Dilton’s cell, where he is found dead hanging from a bedsheet. As the teens exit the station, Jughead is there waiting for them. Jughead asks for a minute of Betty’s time. He tells her that the statue of Abaddon has three tongues. Betty returns to Julian and slaps him in the face and tells him to stay away from her.

Julian returns to the Blossom mansion and confronts the twins. Cheryl stabs Julian in the stomach and Jason slits his brother’s throat. The twins put their knives down, end their truce, and agree the competition for the Anti-Christ is still ongoing. Betty and Jughead sit together at Pop’s Chocklit Shoppe and ponder what will happen next as a strange, old man watches them from another booth. The final page reveals a bloody sheet covering a body in the morgue, as it rises from the slab. The End?

What an ending! I love that the loose ends with Ethel and Dilton were tied up nicely and Julian was soundly defeated by the machinations of Cheryl and Jason. The truth shall set you free and it was the perfect solution to Julian’s hold over Betty. When the miniseries started, the first page revealed a body in the morgue and I assumed it was Reggie but with the final page, it could definitely be Julian. The trade paperback of Blossoms 666 is set to be released in October. Most comic companies release a trade just before a new miniseries is released. Will we be getting a sequel in time for Halloween? Too early to tell but I am onboard to see the fallout with Archie and the gang and the next phase of Cheryl and Jason’s battle for the throne.

If you need to fill the void left by the completion of this miniseries, check out Jughead the Hunger vs. Vampironica or Archie Vs. Predator II for all your Archie Horror needs.