Weekly Gardening Thread (July 22)

Come show off your green thumb, Avocados! Garden vicariously through others! Or just start your week off right by looking at pretty growing things.

We got some strong thunderstorms this last week, but thankfully the softball-sized hail missed us, or I wouldn’t have much left to show. I’ll start off with my arch, which has butternut squash on the far side and melons on the near side. They got kind of a late start because the first seeds I planted didn’t come up, likely because early spring was so wet and cold.

Remains to be seen whether these first squash will set. No male flowers were open at the right time, but there were several bees in the flower, so fingers crossed that they brought some pollen that will work.

Just started getting the first few cherry tomatoes. The far plant is about 8 or 9 feet tall now. I may have to top it off just to get it to put more energy into the fruit.

That’s my garden, let’s see yours!