Weekly Gardening Thread (July 15)

Come show off your green thumb, Avocados! Garden vicariously through others! Or just start your week off right by looking at pretty growing things.

I’ve seen people venting their gardening frustrations both in this thread and others in the last week, so that seems like a good topic. What’s frustrating you this week? (Of course, also feel free to post your usual non-frustrating garden stuff.)

Frustration #1 for me is that as of a week or so ago the Japanese beetles have emerged, so I’ll be battling them for the rest of the season. The little bastards love to skeletonize my roses and raspberries if they get the chance:

Speaking of the raspberries, the yield has cratered. Not sure if it’s heat stress or beetle stress or what, but I was sweating buckets out there in the heat yesterday and only got a bare handful.

The constant humidity the last few weeks has meant a lot of rust spreading around the garden. One of my melon plants is a total loss, and 2 out of 3 pepper plants are looking pretty sad:

But it’s not all bad. I don’t know if I’ll get any actual snap peas because of the heat, but the flowers sure are pretty: