Weekly Gardening Thread (July 8)

Come show off your green thumb, Avocados! Garden vicariously through others! Or just start your week off right by looking at pretty growing things.

The mixture of hot and rainy days has continued here, which has meant an avalanche of raspberries. We’ve been picking a bowlful like this every other day:

I’ve brought some to work, I brought some to 4th of July festivities (which my nieces made frighteningly short work of), I even made emergency jam.

The weather’s also been great for the tomatoes, which are officially taller than me (I’m 6’2). By the end of the season they’ll be well over the tops of the cages:

Flower-wise, the second rose bush has continued to open up:

The last week or so I’ve started to see the mantises again, they’re getting big enough that they’re easier to spot (they’re about an inch and a half long now). I managed to get a picture of one:

Alright, let’s see what’s growing in your neck of the woods!