Sports Corner – July 3, 2019

On Sunday, June 30 at 6 pm Eastern time, every player in the NBA changed teams.  Or at least it felt like that.  But even with many players staying in place, it’s been a madhouse and it’s hard not to say that both conferences have been shaken up, and stand to shaken some more.  But the big story, bigger than KD and Kyrie and Kemba and Kawhi, is the reunion of the Brothers Lopez.  For the first time since their college days, Brook and Robin, the NBA’s nerdiest big men, will be on the same team, and contending for a title to boot in Milwaukee.  Their epic internet fights, and those of their cats, will only get more epic.


  • More Women’s World Cup and Men’s Gold Cup action!
  • NHL free agency.  See, Dolan can do something right!  (My comments on the Knicks will be in the threads.)
  • The Jets and Pats play a 17-13 slugfest in London…wait…that was baseball?  Really?
  • RIP Tyler Skaggs, taken too soon at age 27

As always, all sports welcome.  Jung Pope, please get me up to speed on the Cricket World Cup.