The Friendship Thread Keeps in Touch

Welcome to the Friendship Thread! We have some great spaces at the Avocado to talk about relationships, sexuality, and other aspects of our personal lives, so here’s one centered around another important part of the human experience: friendships.

The goal of these posts is to talk about the role our friendships play in our lives, the challenges of negotiating friendships brought on by adulthood, technology, and the like, and anything else that comes to mind. Feel free to vent or ask for advice on issues you’re having with friends – just keep it respectful and be sure to follow site rules.

Optional discussion topic: Keeping in touch with friends as an adult can be very difficult – it doesn’t take much to do, but somehow time slips away and before you know it you’ve drifted apart.  How do you stay close with friends you don’t see all the time?  Do you text often with your best friends, or do you have people you don’t talk to much virtually but still feel close to when you see them in person?